Peperina Magenta Argentina, b. 1987

I am a collage.

I am expression, color and contrast. I am my father's eyes, my grandmother's hands

and my mother's strength.

My heart no longer belongs to me. It belongs to my daughter. My motor is my love towards her and towards her father.

I was born twice, the first time in Mendoza, almost at the end of the 80s, but the most significant was the second time, in Denmark, when on a sunny day, Alba came to this


More than from Lorien, I am from Rivendel, with a cape and a sword, under the command of Glorfindel.

I am vintage, I am in love of the stories of kings, warriors and fantasies. I am Argentinian history, San Martín and Gu╠łemes. I am the one who loves hand sewing and puts on her colored boots when it rains. 

I am a bright pink mint, I am Peperina Magenta.


I have a background in graphic design, and that is probably why I first and foremost

experiment and express myself through digital collage. However, I also love to work

with analog collage. Collaging is my preferred medium as I find that it enables me to

express contrasts and feelings: The deep unconscious part of me. When I create an

artwork, I shape my contrasting emotions and transform them into color and


I’m inspired by many great artists: The Art Nouveau-painter Alphonse Mucha and his

use of women as the center - the message – of his works. Andy Warhol’s pop art and

his use of iconic characters. Frida Kahlo and her ability to express emotions with

colors and contrasts. Gerda Wegener and her fresh style used in order to express

female sexuality and desire. Antonio Berni and his social critique of Argentinian


Music is also a great source of inspiration in my artwork, the voices and lyrics of Jorge

Drexler, Joaquín Sabina and Vicente Fernandez have inspired many of the names and

themes of my work.

In addition to the above-mentioned artists, a great part of my inspiration is from folk

art and historic art in different countries I have lived and traveled in: Shadow boxes

and Tenango embroidery in Mexico, Fileteado porteno in Argentina, Roman grotesque

and Caltegirone’s ceramics in Italy. Having lived six years in Denmark, I’m fascinated

by traditional Scandinavian folk art, colorful weaving and ceramics decorations.