1976         B.F.A.  Painting, University of Washington, Seattle, WA



 2014         Cross Contemporary ART, Saugerties, NY

2013          Creon Gallery, New York

                  Abmeyer Wood Gallery, Seattle, WA

2012         Andria Friesen Gallery, Sun Valley , ID

2011         Abmeyer Wood Gallery, Seattle, WA

                 Rob Ober Gallery, Kent, CT

2010         Rachel Sheng Gallery, Shanghai, China



 2014         Roger Smith Hotel: Ford Crull and Peggy Cyphers, New York, NY

                  "Shifting Ecologies" The Painting Center, NY          

                  "Metaglyphic", Elena Ab Gallery, New York, NY

2012         SPAF, "Blue". Saugerties, NY

2011         JPMorgan NY. "Loft in the Red Zone", September. NYC

                 Rob Ober Gallery, "So Zik!", Kent, CT

2010         Andria Friesen Gallery, Sun Valley, ID

2009         Andria Friesen Gallery, Seattle, WA

2008-2010        Your Documents Please" April 4- 20 2008 The Museum of Arts & Crafts-ITAMI2-5-28,

        Miyanomae, Itami-shi HYOGO 6640895 JAPAN 2007             

        Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe



                  Boise Art Museum, ID

                  Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY

                  Bund 1919,shanghai, China

                  Cedars- Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles, CA

                  Champion Paper, Inc.

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                  Hallmark Corp. Kansas City

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