Doug Frohman is a mid-career artist based in Chicago creating dynamic 2-D and 3-D contemporary art that draws the viewer in to a world of its own. Utilizing the language of abstraction, the work draws upon architecture and spatial relationships whose mobility and activity are influenced by the interconnectedness of the modern digital landscape. Painted primarily in oil and encaustic with a cement trowel on wood panel and canvas, his work has been exhibited and collected across the US. In the midst of creating these mobile relationships in space, areas of bold color meet with specific edges creating dynamic tension and areas of rest. The improvisational layering that takes place draws upon the structure of music, especially jazz, which Mr. Frohman has played for many years. In jazz performance, each instrument follows certain lines while interacting with the other musicians and the chord progressions of the music. The instruments swoop under, inside and around the chords to cI·eate the rhythm, colors and dynamic movement of the piece. In similar fashion, elements in Mr. Frohman's work move between active fields of color, areas of focus and defining edges giving the work its spatial dimension and dynamic movement.