Doug Frohman is an exhibiting 2-D & 3-D artist, curator based in Chicago, represented by galleries in New York, Chicago and Columbus, OH. Since 2016, Doug’s work has been featured at premiere US Art Fairs like ART BASEL Miami, CONTEXT New York, Art HAMPTONS, Boston International and Art Palm Beach. In March 2018, he curated a major exhibition at Chicago’s distinguished Zhou Brothers Art Center in Bridgeport called, “VITALITY RISING: a Five-Artist Dialogue”.
Since 2007, Doug switched from painting with brushes to working with metal-edged cement trowels and experimental mediums, richly enhancing his surfaces. Modulations of bold, dynamic color move across & throughout dimensional fields of atmospheric ambience.
The “subject” revolves around creativity and creating across space and over time. The pieces engender a dynamic dialogue, first with the artist and the work, then engaging viewers, creating visual and associative experiences that unfold uniquely with each person.