Cristina Ghetti Argentina

Cristina Ghetti is an Argentine artist living in Valencia, Spain. The visual art tendencies based in geometric abstraction orient and formally influence her artwork. Her process has been mostly centered in painting and installation. She studied in Spain, earning her a Master of Visual Arts and Multimedia at the UPV, Polytechnic University in Valencia, Spain. Here she developed her doctoral thesis “Post Medial Geometry”, where she researched the development of new geometries in visual arts.

Cristina works with geometric abstraction; the goal of her work is the re-contextualization of the foundational ideas of Abstraction.She is interested in points from concrete art, constructivism, kinetic and op art, permitting free transits and reconnections between forms and ideas belonging to different periods, traditions and categories in her own work.She’s now centralized in the use of digital tools to materialize art pieces of different formats. Her paintings are generated first in the computer, then translated to traditional painting, Cristina likes to mix and play with different media crossings.


“I’m focused to an evolution of abstract ad kinetic art, with special mention of Op art. Interrelating: geometry, color, movement and sound, using the languages developed in the conceptual territory of abstraction, in the context of new Technologies and new ways of producing/diffusing the art work.”

-Cristina Ghetti