Vu Thu Hien has a solid ground in her understanding of classical Western Art, which, when combined with Vietnamese artistic aesthetics encompasses a rich texture and culture of east and west, past and present, spiritual and mundane.  Hien's works reflect her lifestyle and her process of painting.  She paints on Dzo paper, a bark paper from the mulberry tree, which makes it durable and long lasting as she utilizes watercolors for infinite delicacy and shading of palette. The simplest aspect of Hien's style evokes the essence of Vietnamese spiritual life.  Many of her paintings have the ability to communicate to the soul, the spirit, and to the afterlife. As a woman herself, she often depicts female objects, wrapped in ceremonial colors, cloths, and robes, as if they are speaking to spirits performing ancient traditional Vietnamese rituals. Her figures are embodiments of the spirits that impact human lives. Hien's mediums are reflective, poetic and boundless.

Vu thu Hien was born in Bat Trung Village near Hanoi and is a graduate of The Hanoi Academy of Fine Arts.