Jens-Christian Wittig Germany, b. 1962

"Painted by a Lens"

In his images of digital transformation, (JCW) Jens-Christian Wittig works with this new medium to create his specific and unique artistic world, taking learned classical techniques of composition and perspective and bringing them into the digital age.

(JCW) Jens-Christian Wittig was born in Weimar, Germany in 1962 and studied in Dresden from 1983-1989. For more than 25 years, he has been involved in multiple international art, and city planning projects in various countries including Germany, France and Spain. Later projects also brought him to Russia and the Middle East.

After winning several international competitions, he was invited to Shanghai in 2001. Here the artist lived and worked for 18 years. His time in Shanghai strongly shaped him as an artist and served as a source of inspiration for projects as well as for his work as an artist.