Dao Hai Phong Vietnamese, b. 1965

Dao Hai Phong was born in 1965 in Hanoi where his father was a famous film director. He graduated from the Hanoi College of Art, Film and Theatre in 1987.  Regarded as one of Vietnam’s most successful painters that emerged after Doi Moi, Dao Hai Phong has exhibited extensively since 1992 in his native Vietnam as well as abroad. Highly regarded for his rendering of villages on the perimeter of Hanoi, his artistic journey has been one of memory and the preservation of a vanishing cultural geography of his youth. His use of glowing colors are reminiscent of sparkling gem stones and the rendering of textures on canvasses are translated into serene and lush vistas that emphasize the true nature of Vietnam. Dao Hai Phong is one of Vietnam's most commercially successful painters and has taken part in several international exhibitions in Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Italy, Laos, Switzerland and the USA as well as in Vietnam.