Quach Dong Phuong Vietnamese, b. 1961

Quach Dong Phuong was born in 1961 and graduated from the Hanoi Industrial Arts College in 1986. 

His paintings have a distinctive expression of the interaction of people and their environment.  Many of his paintings show unidentifiable figures swarming together or dwarfed and subjugated by that environment.  The consistency of geometric shapes radiates a childlike innocence and appears simplistic at first glance.  However, after further inspection, the viewer is overwhelmed with great detail and accuracy.

Figures in traditional dress wearing the Vietnamese hat, conical, are typical in both country and city scenes as are animals, trees and flowers.

Phoung is highly respected worldwide for his skill in using texture and a wide color pallet as his paintings create a sense of motion and activity.

He has had numerous exhibits in Vietnam, New York, Washington D.C., Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, as collectors recognize the intrinsic value and appeal of Phuong’s artistic talent.

In speaking with Phoung, he believes that an artist must constantly recreate himself through his art, with his journey still ahead, as his quest to find different subjects, styles and paintings continues.