Dinh Quan Vietnamese, b. 1964

1997: "Realistic & Illusion World in Dinh Quan Art",
    Trang An Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam
1999: Solo Exhibition, Hanoi Studio, Hanoi, Vietnam
2000: "Red Dream", Nam Son Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Solo Exhibition, USA
2001: "Ethereal Chams" Gajah Gallery, Singapore
2002: Solo Exhibition at Thaivibu Gallery - Thailand
2004: "Dinh Quan - Lacquer paintings", Thavibu Gallery,
    Bangkok, Thailand
2006:    “II Drago e La Farfalla” Exhibition in Rome, Italy
    “Impressions and Expressions” Vietnamese Contemporary Paintings Thailand
    “Modern Art” Group Show in CEAE, Hanoi, Vietnam
2008:  ”Spiritual Spaces” group Show, Bangkok, Thailand

1990-1995: Participated in Vietnam National Fine Art Exhibition.
1993: Exhibition at Hang Bai Exhibition House, Hanoi
1994: Group Exhibition at Exhibition House, Hociminh City,
1995: "Fresh Paints" Exhibitions at Red River Gallery, Hanoi,
1996: Exhibition "The Year of Dragon" at Trang An Gallery,
    Hanoi Vietnam
    Group Exibition at Dijon and Nice, France
    "Contemporary Art from Vietnam" at Fujita Venye
    Museum, Tokyo, Japan
1997: "Vietnam Express: Contemporary Art from Vietnam" 
    Oslo, Norway
    "A Winding River: The Journey of Contemporary Art 
    From Vietnam", Washington DC, USA
    "Contemporary Art from Hanoi", Osaka, Japan
    "All the Rivers Are Running - Contemporary Art of 
    Vietnam" , Trang An Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam
    "Portrait Exhibition" at Trang An Gallery-Hanoi, Vietnam
1998: "With Heart & Soul & Mind", New World Art Center (Soho), 
    New York, USA.
    "International Festival of Art", Seul, Korea
    Group Exhibition Alliance Francaise, Singapore
1999: Group Exhibition, Gajah Gallery, Singapore
    Group Exhibition, Cork Street Gallery, London, UK
    "International Festival of Art", Seul, Korea
    "Asean Fine Art", Fukuoka Museum, Japan
2000: Group Exhibition, Gajah gallery Singapore
    Two Men Exhibition, Thaivibu Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2001: "Separate Paths" Exhibition at Dragon Gallery-Hanoi,
    "Contemporary Artist Vietnam - Part I", The Artists'
    Space, Concorde Hotel
    Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
    Group Exhibition,Chiang Mai & Bangkok, Thailand
2002:     "Contemporary Artist Vietnam - Part II", The Artists'
    Space, Concorde Hotel
    Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
    "Where the River Meet" Group Exhibition, Vietnam,
    Cultural Festival, 
    Luxembourg and continued in Univercite Libre de 
    Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium
    "To the new season", Dragon Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam
2004:    "The new adventures of Dinh Quan" (Oil paintings) -
    Fine Art Museum, Hanoi
2005:     Contemporary Exchange of Artistic Sensation -
    Malaysia and Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dinh Quan has exhibited in China (1994), Japan (1996, 1997, 1999,
2000), France (1996), Singapore (1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002), 
Norway (1997), Philippines (1997, 1999), Hong Kong (1998, 2001), 
USA (1997, 1998, 2000), UK (1999, 2002), 
Thailand - Thavibu Gallery (1998, 2000, 2002, 2004), Taiwan (2000)
Malaysia (2001, 2002), Luxembourg (2002) and Belgium (2002).

His work is in the collections of the Singapore Art Museum, Vietnam
Fine Arts Museum, and the National Art Gallery of Malaysia.