Le Quy Tong Vietnam, b. 1977

Born in 1977 in Hanoi, Vietnam Le Quy Tong graduated from Hanoi University of Fine Art, M.F.A in 2001

While examining memory, trauma and psychology, Le Quy Tong delves into the lives of his subjects to explore what hidden truths may be repressed. His past works are varied, depicting countryside life in dour tones, as well as very energetic scenes of a modernizing Vietnam. Expressing that he aims to 'go straight to society's problems' and bring these social ills to the public's attention, the highly activist stance Le Quy Tong takes makes his poignant landscapes and portraitures less surprising. Notwithstanding this case, it does not detract from the emotive impact of such expressions…'

Christine Thuy An Vu 'Le Quy Tong' in 'Saigon Open City' (exhibition catalogue), Saigon, 2006, pg. 58

Le Quy Tong's series of "Bridge" paintings has received great accolades from the art cognoscenti and the public. This collection is inspired by the Long Bien Bridge, which is not only a part of Hanoi's physical landscape but also a potent symbol of its spirit. Spanning the river through times of war and peace, the bridge, although old and worn now, still carries the legends and stories of the ancient city it serves. Le Quy Tong's works are collected internationally including the Bodnar Art Collection, have been sold at auction including Larasati in Hong Kong and are in the Vietnam Museum of Fine Art.