Larisa Safaryan Armenia

Larisa Safaryan's unique sculptures on egg shells are her subtle but direct expression of the joy, energy and emotionality that she carries inside her. Larisa Safaryan's work is delicate but intense, elaborate yet simple, harmonious and elegant. The spirit of innovation and excitement is at the heart of all that Larisa Safaryan creates.

The absence of the influences of a formal art school education gave Larisa Safaryan artistic freedom and opportunity to explore and develop her own techniques, and ways of expressing herself. Her sculptures depict human qualities and interactions, their motivations, emotions and needs. Safaryan chose an unconventional and fragile medium for her artistic expression. The medium as well as the method resonates with who she is as an individual - strong yet fragile, demanding surgical precision yet having ample room and freedom for creativity. The response we see in viewers upon seeing her works often ranges from disbelief, to curiosity, to amazement and elation.

Larisa Safaryan claims that nature and people are her greatest inspiration. Without question, she is an innovator in what she does. Larisa Safaryan lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Some people dream of beauty, Larisa Safaryan creates it.

Larisa Safaryan is also the founder of Wood Symphony Gallery. The gallery is committed to present to collectors, museums, educators and general public, the finest contemporary artists working in wood. Through gallery exhibitions, printed catalogs and ongoing documentation, the gallery endeavors to expand the boundaries of contemporary artistic practice and increase the exposure of work in this field. Today Wood Symphony Gallery represents artists from around the world, focusing its efforts on the emerging field of contemporary wood art.