Ai Bo Gallery NEW Artist: Larisa Safaryan

Carol Damian, Ph.D. Art Historian, Publication, August 25, 2019

Larisa Safaryan

The Most Fragile Art Form


            Carving has been a feature of art production for centuries.  It uses a wide variety of materials and instruments to become the expression of culture and history throughout the world.  Larisa Safaryan is a self-taught artist who credits her education in psychology with allowing her to see people and the world from a different perspective and apply it to her passion for creating art in unique ways.  Born in Armenia and now based in Los Angeles, she learned about carving from her father, a renowned wood carver who inspired her interest in fragile, expressive materials.  In her search for unique forms of expression, she has chosen to carve a most unconventional and delicate medium: an eggshell. 

Egg carving and decoration is of long duration as an art form of symbolic and aesthetic value in many countries.  The precise techniques used to create the works demand meticulous attention to detail and strict concentration.  While they may look small and simple, they are also curiosities that one knows are not easy to make.  In fact, it seems almost impossible to carve something as thin as an eggshell, and one must wonder how an artist even begins such a laborious process and why she chose such an unusual and difficult medium.  Larisa Safaryan considers her work a reflection of humanity, with its many emotions and challenges, and looks to her audience to see themselves, their strength and fragility revealed in the carving of an eggshell.  Following generations of egg carvers who appreciate their craft as an important symbol, she values the smooth shape of an egg as her “canvas” upon which ancient ideas about life, renewal and rebirth were formed and hopes to continue to bring her work into a contemporary vision for today. 


Carol Damian, Ph.D.

Art Historian