Jens-Christian Wittig: Painted by a Lens

Carol Damian, Ph.D. Art Historian, Article

Jens was born in Weimar, Germany in 1962 and studied in Dresden from 1983-1989. For more than 25 years, he has been involved in multiple international art, and city planning projects in various countries including Germany, France and Spain. Later projects also brought him to Russia and the Middle East.

Wittig intensely followed the rapid development and advances in digital technologies. Step by step, he discovered them as tools for his creativity – just like the pencil, brush and camera of his younger years.

In his images of digital transformation, he works with this new medium to create his specific and unique artistic world, taking learned classical techniques of composition and perspective and bringing them into the digital age.

The works of JCW at the onset and in print are photographic techniques. However, at their conclusion, they are no longer photographs, but rather transformed compositions. Brushwork and sophisticated graphic elements can be seen throughout the images. The resulting complexity, depth, brilliance and range of color of his images would be difficult if not impossible to produce through painting or graphic techniques in the classical sense. His unique and elaborate works are created through complicated and often lengthy digital processing -primarily through the use of a computer.

JCW photographs, draws, then works solely digitally and ultimately creates. He opens the door to a world full of previously unknown and undiscovered beauty - mysterious figures and fantastic scenery with a sense of the familiar. Seemingly well-known details and fragments are mixed with unexpected cascades of color, gold and glitter. Still other images veil themselves, disclosing their secrets bit by bit.