Tomas Brzon: Geometry & Light

Carol Damian, Ph.D. Art Historian, Article, November 7, 2019

Following in the footsteps of the centuries-old tradition of Bohemian glass making, Czech artist Tomas Brzon has reinterpreted and reinvented the process to create unique works for the modern world.  Using innovative techniques combined with excellent technical skills, Brzon has elevated a tradition famous for its excellent cutting and engraving into contemporary works that take advantage of the material's precise edges to play with the effects of light.  He has mastered an aesthetic for one of the world's most precious mediums and used it to produce abstract objects for remarkable results.  Their simple geometric shapes are enhanced by the reflective quality of the glass and special techniques that take advantage of matt and polished surfaces.  Brzon plays with the effects of light as it is reflected and refracted on the surfaces and captured by the angles of the sculpture itself.  A minimalist aesthetic dominated by a geometric abstract approach to the formal properties that inform each work, results in the translation of shapes and forms into beautiful sculptural objects highlighted by luminous colors bathed in light.  Each work takes on a life of its own with his distinctive approach to glass making.  Particularly interesting about his work is the careful balancing of the shape itself to make a provocative statement that refutes glass as a fragile, breakable medium in need of a stable surface.  Brzon's works often appear to be precariously poised on cut edges to play with human perception and trepidation.  A variety of forms ranging from the simple geometric to more dynamic and difficult characterize his glass art for its individuality and personal touch.