Truong Tan Vietnam, b. 1963

Truong Tan currently lives and works in both Hanoi and Paris. Truong Tan was born in 1963 and graduated in 1989 from the University of Fine Arts in Hanoi, Vietnam. Truong Tan’s unique artistic perspective is rooted in his struggles to maintain and express his sexuality in a sexually repressed society. As an openly gay artist, Truong Tan has long fought for the opportunity to exhibit his art whose overarching theme relates to his homosexuality. Truong Tan’s difficulties in exhibiting his work in Vietnam forced him to move to Paris receiving world-wide acclaim. Working primarily with lacquer on wood, Truong Tan has mastered this medium with a distinct style and voice. Truong Tan’s works have been added to the permanent collections of major art museums including the Singapore Art Museum, the Queensland Art Gallery in Australia and the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in Japan. Truong Tan’s collectors and admirers will be able to view his work beginning February 22, 2013 as part of the exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum in New York entitled “No Country” sponsored by the UBS MAP Global Art Initiative.